Who we are and what we do

Jumbrox Limited is a 21 century Information and Communication Technology (ICT) firm poised towards integrating the newest ICT skills to problem solving approach for individuals and corporate organization. We are multi-dimensional in our approach to problem-solving, so as to provide effective and efficient ICT solutions.

Our services includes Professional ICT training, Software development, consulting, Internet-based Test services, Human Capital development training, etc.

Our Mission and Goal

To integrate completely (either in development or training) the finest and newest Information technology into the day-to-day dealings of individuals and corporate organizations in order to improve productivity and efficiency of our clients.

Our goal is to become a brand that can compete favourably at a global level.

Training services

Our Training comes with an up-to-date curriculum that gives trainees access to knowledge to compete favourably any competition. Our trainings are designed to meet the required objectives that today's world demands.

Some of our training programs include

  1. Earlit Course for teenagers in at their secondary education level.
  2. Jumbrox Teenager course whose major objective is to introduce students to a learning approach that integrate ICT into their learning process.
  3. A yearly Internship course is a software development course that equips interns with necessary software technical know-how so as to excel in the software industry.
  4. Seasonal Human Capital Development Project (HCDP) for students in the Tertiary Institutions to enlighten them on Career Development, Entrepreneurship, etc.

We also hold specialized ICT training in various profession such engineering, accounting, education, etc.

Software Development

We develop innovative applications that meet clients' needs. We ensure the quality of our software compete favourably at a global standards.

We develop world class applications ranging from

  1. Online examination portal,
  2. School management portal,
  3. E-commerce,
  4. Blogs,
  5. Hotel mangement system,
  6. Hospital management system, etc.

Some of our products includes Homequix and Quix IBTS. These are examination software that can be use by individuals and organizations for test/exam purposes.